Observing and being

observation_point_highway_sign_round_sticker-r5f5d799776b94ceba136b2a68300941f_v9waf_8byvr_512Seeing, noticing, today – observing and being.

Last night my husband and I went out for ice cream; he decided to stop at CVS on the way home. As we left the store I looked to the western sky and saw layers, streamers actually, of bright pink, along with hints faded mauve, rich blue fading into darkness. It was gorgeous, so I did what was most natural to me… I reached for my iPhone and realized that I did not have it.

There I was left to do what truly was natural. I watched the sky for a moment, taking a photo with my eyes, stored in my heart and mind. My gratitude was great for this visual gift, even if I could not preserve it for eternity via Instagram.

This morning, the dog needed to go out and it was still pretty early. I’m not even sure what time it was. 6-ish? We simply walked around the yard and when I looked to the east what did I see but a red sky to beat the band. The pink and rose colored hues were not like anything I had seen around here. I moved forward on the lawn, towards the street, to get a better view east. What saw between two trees blew my mind. In between two trees, the sky glowed pink in a fashion unknown to me. I simply stood there, thanking God and taking it all in again.

Seconds later, I walked inside, grabbed my phone and returned to the front yard.

What the what?

Nothing. I mean – nothing. Gray, cloudy sky with not even a hint of pink. I walked to the street, looking between the two trees. Moments ago remarkable pink sky glowed there. Now – gray. Not even a hint of pink. Nothing.

It was only a matter of maybe two or three minutes.

My observation is this – I am grateful that I stood to observe the sky instead of running in to get the phone first.

In this week in which I am focused on seeing and noticing, I have come to understand that I must also observe.

What will you observe today?



tumblr_ljgxnnEr0F1qzi15io1_400Yesterday I posed a question on a few of the Facebook pages that I manage. I asked “Where will you see God today?”  Some of those who commented noted different things – seeing God in a line of Scripture, in a situation, through the resolution of something. God was seen everywhere, because God is everywhere.Along those lines, the thought on my heart today is around who and what I will notice today. In order to see God today, who or what will I notice?

The air was so cold when I took the dog out a little while ago and I was not prepared for it. Honestly, I was not ready for the request to go outside, either! In my sleepy and slightly annoyed state, I only felt the cold air and the desire to go back to sleep.

What might I have missed?

A bird?  The scent of the air? The playful look on my dog’s face? Dew on a plant? The moon as it journey to its setting in the west?

Today I am reminded to pay attention, to notice. Noticing opens the door to seeing God. There will be countless invitations to see God in everything from the greatest frustration to the greatest joy, in the ordinary and in the extraordinary, in what is seen and in what is noticed.

Today I hope to notice and to not simply see. Whether I do or not, God is so very beautifully everywhere, but the loss is mine if I do not notice.