Enjoy the Silence

demotivator_writers_blockMy mind has been a jumble with numerous thoughts. In fact, my “writing prompts” folder is fuller than ever. There seems to be a problem however.

I. Can’t. Write. A. Word.

There is no real reason that I can tell. I’m pretty happy, school has come to an end, and graduation is almost here. The other day I filled out a form and it asked for my level of education, and for the first time ever, I checked the box for having a masters degree. That felt good. But, no real writing has come forth. Who knows why? Not me!

Today I read this post, entitled Keep Speaking Like a Woman, which talks about women writing for the academy, but has elements that apply to any of us who write for any reason. If you are a writer and/or a woman, I think you will want to read the link; it is a big, big wow.

In the meantime, keep my place for me, I will return. Enjoy the silence. And this very favorite Depeche Mode song of mine!